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  In 2018, Northern Agro Services has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with a Swedish company to introduce a biofuel technology in Bangladesh. The project will use agriculture wastes such as maize straws to produce fuels that are in high demand across the country. Diesel, lubricants, wax, bitumen and distilled water are among its output products. The plant has an efficiency rating of 85%. This project is going to have a significant socio-economic impact in the Bangladeshi economy, where the government subsidizes every liter of imported diesel. In addition, it turns out that the maize straws which will be the prime raw materials for this project has mostly been left unused by the farmers who cultivate them. This Joint Venture plant has the potential to provide farmers with an opportunity to generate revenue from the wastes which would otherwise have been wasted. This project is due to be implement by the end of 2018.  
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(a) Company background:

The Northern Agro Services Ltd (NASL) has invented and introduced various types of crop based Balanced Fertilizer, by using the balanced fertilizer farmers are growing crops in their field and getting more benefits as well as maintaining soil health since 1992.

The NASL is an agro based industry engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Organic Fertilizer, Crop-based Balanced Fertilizer and NPKS Fertilizer. Besides marketing of Balanced Fertilizer, organic fertilizer this company also engaged in various business field like importing raw materials from the USA , Russia , Germany , China , India , Korea and other EU Countries.

The NASL located in Dinajpur, a northern district of Bangladesh which is 450 km from the capital and carrying business since 1992 and is registered under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Farms. The Company has 4 directors. Mr. M Farhatul Islam is the Managing Director of the Company. The other 3 Directors are Mr. Faridul Islam, Mst. Shahana Islam & Mst. Habiba Hasnat.


(b) Mission Statement:

To provide farmers with organic fertilizers, Crop based Balanced Fertilizers, Shakti Mixed Fertilizer and Graded NPKS Fertilizers that meet and exceed their requirements. NASL is committed to carry out production abiding by all customer & regulatory requirements as well as continually improving its QMS (Quality Management System).

Presently Northern Agro Services Ltd. (NASL) is enlisted with the Ministry of Agriculture, has large production factory, Compost plant, Granulation plant, and warehouse and own Laboratory facilities where it carries out Chemical analysis of the products on a batch to batch production for the day to keep quality of products absolutely right.

We are convinced that our fertilizers have enormous prospects in overseas markets, especially in the South-Asia, Middle East , the Far East and Europe and IFC-SEDF will also provide TA to NASL for crop specific fertilizer technology for tea and help to explore export market particularly for tea and other crops. We have adequate arrangement and ability to enter into joint venture for promotion business globally.


(c) Company at a Glance:

Location : Moharampur, Ramsagar Road , Pulhat, Dinajpur, Bangladesh-5200.

Factory area : 5 Acres

Foundation year : 1992

Commercial production year : 01/09/2000

Production capacity per hour : 15 MT

Production capacity per year : 100,000 MT

Laboratory facilities : Present

Brand : Spade Mark

Products: Northern Agro services Limited has invented 18 (eighteen) types of Crop based Balanced Fertilizer, Mixed fertilizer named as Shakti and Organic fertilizer named as Jaibo which are certified by the Technical Sub-Committee and National fertilizer Standardization Committee of the Govt. of Bangladesh.


(d) Our Objectives:

(i) More yields of Field crops, plantation crops & horticultural crops by using Balanced combination Balanced Fertilizer produced by Northern Agro Services Ltd.

(ii) Govt. of the People's Republic of Bangladesh & Global World now-a-days encourages the application of crop based Balanced Fertilizers. The crop based Balanced Fertilizer of NASL are no doubt plays a vital role in the execution of the Govt. policy.

(iii) Fertilizer management in hill farming.

(iv) Balanced use of fertilizer should aim at:

•  to increase crop Fields

•  to increase crop quality

•  increasing farm income

•  correction of inherent soil nutrient deficiencies

•  improving soil fertility

•  avoiding damage to the environment

•  restoring fertility and productivity of land


(e) Our Acheivment:

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