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  In 2018, Northern Agro Services has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with a Swedish company to introduce a biofuel technology in Bangladesh. The project will use agriculture wastes such as maize straws to produce fuels that are in high demand across the country. Diesel, lubricants, wax, bitumen and distilled water are among its output products. The plant has an efficiency rating of 85%. This project is going to have a significant socio-economic impact in the Bangladeshi economy, where the government subsidizes every liter of imported diesel. In addition, it turns out that the maize straws which will be the prime raw materials for this project has mostly been left unused by the farmers who cultivate them. This Joint Venture plant has the potential to provide farmers with an opportunity to generate revenue from the wastes which would otherwise have been wasted. This project is due to be implement by the end of 2018.  
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  Message from Chairman  

To meet the soil and farmers need we consulted with soil research institutes who advised and guide us to make balance fertilizer by testing our soils, its properties and nutrient contents properly. Our effort is to increase agricultural productions and protect our soil fertility by using good quality balanced and organic fertilizers.

We are producing balanced package of fertilization of different crops considering soil heath and fertility after getting approval from the concerned authority of the Government. In brief, the effort of developing balanced fertilizer and its implementation and manufacture of fertilizers for the best benefits of the farmers as well as to protect our soil health scientifically. Our prime objective is to play a vital role for ensuring food security of Bangladesh as well as maintain soil health for future generation.

Finally we want to thank all of our stakeholders, scientists who encourage and help us to make it happen.


Md. Faridul Islam


  Message from Managing Director  

NORTHERN AGRO SERVICES LTD. (NASL) is a Private agro based industry manufacturing and marketing of Organic Fertilizer, Crop based Mixed Balanced Fertilizer and NPKS Fertilizer, located in Dinajpur, a northern district of Bangladesh (450km from the Capital) since 1992 and is registered under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and farms. No C- 3302(2131)/97

Technical Sub-Committee and National Fertilizer Standardization Committee of the Govt. of Bangladesh has Certified Northern Agro Services Ltd. invented 18 (Eighteen) types Crop based Mixed Balanced Fertilizer. Shakti Fertilizer & organic fertilizer Presently Northern Agro Services Ltd. (NASL) is enlisted in Ministry of Agriculture, has large production factory, Compost plant, Granulation Plant, Godown and own Laboratory facilities where it carries out Chemical analysis of the products on a batch to batch production for the day to keep quality products absolutely right.

Northern Fertilizer products are being marketed and popularized among the farmers through out the Bangladesh in cultivation of crop fields & Tea gardens, As a measure of our capabilities & consistency in quality, we have an esteemed customer list, which includes reputed Organizations such as Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation, Department of Agricultural Extension, Deundi Tea Company (in corporated in England), Bangladesh Tea Board, National Tea Company Ltd. Ispahani Tea Company Ltd., Sylhet Tea Company Ltd., Mr Khan Tea Company Ltd. & Oedaleah, Brindabon, Imam, Luayuni Holichera & Korotoa TE.

Our strength lies in consistent quality, availability & smooth supply, management philosophy of commitment to satisfying customers.

We are convinced that our fertilizers have enormous prospects in overseas markets, especially in the south-Asia, Middle East , the Far East and Europe and IFC-SEDF will also provide TA to NASL for crop specific fertilizer technology for tea and help explore export market particularly for tea and all Crop based Balanced Fertilizer products.


Mohammad Farhatul Islam

Managing Director, Northern Agro Services Ltd, Bangladesh
Managing Director, Northern Fertilizer Ltd, Bangladesh
Managing Director, Northern Crop Care Ltd, Bangladesh
Proprietor, Islam Enterprise, Bangladesh
Chairman, Linkup Consultancy Ltd, Bangladesh
Founding Partner, Linkup International, Bangladesh
Director, United Excellence International LLC, Oman
Director, ATN Fertilizer Ltd, Bangladesh
Director, ATN Energy & Power Limited, Bangladesh

  Director, International Affairs  

Currently holding the position as Director of International Affairs, Sakib Farhad started his career four years ago through an internship in Northern Agro Services Ltd. Ever since then, he has been consistently enhancing his skills and emerged as a valuable member of the management team. Sakib Farhad had helped the company’s sister concerns find the opportunity to expand overseas to Oman, Vietnam and Malaysia. His responsibilities entail communication between research correspondents and most recently, overviewing investment consultancy which is part of a subordinate sector of NASL. In addition, he actively participates in the bilateral trade of construction commodities which is another subsidiary of NASL. His professional ambition involves being heavily engaged with NASL’s research and development to promote innovative new ways to bring solutions to the agricultural industry of Bangladesh.


Sakib Farhad

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