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  The Northern Agro Services Ltd (NASL) has invented and introduced various types of crop based Balanced Fertilizer, by using the balanced fertilizer farmers are growing crops in their field and getting more benefits as well as maintaining soil health since 1992. The NASL is an agro based industry engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Organic Fertilizer, Crop-based Balanced Fertilizer and NPKS Fertilizer. Besides marketing of Balanced Fertilizer, organic fertilizer this company also engaged in various business field like importing raw materials from the USA, Russia, Germany, China, India, Korea and other EU Countries. The NASL located in Dinajpur, a northern district of Bangladesh which is 450 km from the capital and carrying business since 1992 and is registered under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Farms. The Company has 4 directors. Mr. M Farhatul Islam is the Managing Director of the Company. The other 3 Directors are Mr. Faridul Islam, Mst. Shahana Islam & Mst. Habiba Hasnat.  
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Govt. Approved & DAE Reg. No. M-65




Notes: field experiment was conducted at the tuber crops Research center (TCRC) farm of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI). Gazipur during the period from Dec 2006 to march 2007 in order to study the effect of Northern Organic Fertilizer on growth and yield of potato cv. Diamant. The highest gross & marketable yields of tubers (23.68 & 21.28 ton/ ha, respectively.


Notes: Performance of Northern Jaibo sar (organic Fertilizer) on the growth & yield of wetland Rice. The Performance of this fertilizer was evaluated at BRRI farm Gazipur , Bangladesh in T. aman Rice, 2005 and Boro rice 2006.

50% Reduction of Chemical Fertilizer on STB along with Northern Jabio Sar @ 500 Kg/ha may be a good combination of organic and inorganic fertilizer for sustaining soil fertility and increasing T. aman & Boro Rice.

Notes: A field study was conducted with the Northern organic fertilizer during 2005-06 in two locations at BSRI farm Ishurdi and RSRS farm. Thakurgaon , Bangladesh under High ganges Rikver flood plain (AEZ- 11) and old Himalayan Piedmont plain soils (AEZ-1), respectively. The average result of two locations,, it was found that the treatment having integrated application of 75% recommended chemical fertilizers along with Northern organic fertilizer at 750Kg/ ha Showed higher net benefit of Taka 27653 with BCR 1.52.



Govt. Approved & DAE Reg. No. M-65



Northern fertilizer for Golf field, park, Lawn grass & Road side Beautification






Notes: The Landscape, Ornamental and floriculture division. HRC, BARI , Gazipur received some packets of Northern Organic & Northern Shakti fertilizer from NASL during Mid-June, 2000. Both the fertilizer were used in plots of Bougainvilliea and Uforbia with the aim of growth and good performance.



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