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  In 2018, Northern Agro Services has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with a Swedish company to introduce a biofuel technology in Bangladesh. The project will use agriculture wastes such as maize straws to produce fuels that are in high demand across the country. Diesel, lubricants, wax, bitumen and distilled water are among its output products. The plant has an efficiency rating of 85%. This project is going to have a significant socio-economic impact in the Bangladeshi economy, where the government subsidizes every liter of imported diesel. In addition, it turns out that the maize straws which will be the prime raw materials for this project has mostly been left unused by the farmers who cultivate them. This Joint Venture plant has the potential to provide farmers with an opportunity to generate revenue from the wastes which would otherwise have been wasted. This project is due to be implement by the end of 2018.  
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Northern Agro Services Ltd is one of the oldest fertilizer producers in the private sector of Bangladesh. As a pioneer in this industry, Northern Agro Services Ltd has been producing various kinds of organic and balanced fertilizer for the masses since 2000. The company has the highest number of exclusive products under its belt among fellow fertilizer producers of the country. Our product line ranges from conventional organic and NPKS fertilizers to our variety of crop-based Balanced Fertilizers which were developed by experts around the world.

Signs of lack of organic fertilizer

  1. Fertility of the soil and capacity of crop production decreases significantly.
  2. Water absorption capacity of the soil decreases.
  3. Efficiency of other applied fertilizers decrease.
  4. The soil loses its liveliness. Therefore, the quantity and quality of the produced crops are decreased as well.
  5. The soil experiences lack of various kind of nutrients.

Advantages of using Northern Compost fertilizer (conventional organic fertilizer) DAE Reg. no. M-64

  1. Increase soil fertility, soil microflora and soil health. Improvement of long term soil fertility is better for farmer livelihood.
  2. Increase sustainable crop production. Alleviating rural poverty by increasing production capacity. Improving the quality of produced crops increases revenue for the farmers.
  3. Decrease the acidity of the soil.
  4. Improve water infiltration and retention capacity which helps lower irrigation costs. Also reduce surface and ground water consumptions and subsequent soil sanitization.
  5. During warm weather, Northern Compost fertilizer keeps the soil cool and maintains soil moisture in the winter.
  6. Regular use of Northern Compost fertilizer ensures that the soil does not experience frequent lack of nutrients.
  7. Keeps the soil soft while preventing soil erosion by wind and water.
  8. Reduce the risk of water, air and environment pollution. Lower emissions of carbon dioxide help reduce global warming.

N = 0.50-4.00%, P = 0.50-3.00%, K = 0.50-3.00%, S = 0.10 - 0.50%, Moisture = 15-20%, pH = 6.00-8.50%,
Organic Carbon = 10-25%, C:N = Max 20:1, Zn = Max 0.1%, Cu = Max 0.05%, As = Max 20 ppm, Cr = Max 50 ppm,
Cd = Max 5.0 ppm, Pb = Max 30 ppm, Hg = Max 0.1 ppm, Ni = Max 30 ppm, Inert material = Max 1%,
Colour = Dark grey to black, Physical condition = Non-granular form, Odour = Absence of foul odour.

In addition to the advantages of Northern Compost fertilizer (conventional organic fertilizer), our extensively researched Northern Organic fertilizer is fully fortified and was developed keeping commercial agriculture in mind. The product has been tested to have significant advantages over locally found conventional organic fertilizers.

Advantages of using Northern Organic fertilizer (enriched and fortified organic fertilizer) DAE Reg. no. M-65

  1. Extensively researched product and exclusive to Northern Agro Services Ltd.
  2. Northern Organic fertilizer is the first commercially manufactured organic fertilizer in Bangladesh.
  3. Northern Organic fertilizer consists of such ingredients which makes it very effective in the production of high value crops, fruits and vegetables. There is no alternative to Northern Organic fertilizer keeping in mind the cost effectivity for commercial agriculture.
  4. Northern Organic fertilizer keeps soil acidity under control which allows chemical fertilizer to work better on the soil and boost production capacity.
  5. Chemical fertilizer becomes less effective on soil where they have been applied for a long time, hence using Northern Organic fertilizer in this scenario enables farmers to obtain previous yields of chemical fertilizer.
  6. Mixing Northern Organic fertilizer with chemical fertilizers during final land preparation increases crop production.
  7. Regular use of Northern Organic fertilizer decreases the need for using other chemical fertilizers in the soil. It also assists in increasing the efficiency of chemical fertilizers applied to the soil. Therefore, the quantity of chemical fertilizer required is reduced. This will reduce foreign exchange drain on chemical fertilizer imports.
  8. By properly mixing Northern Organic fertilizer with Urea and following the method of top-dressing, the Urea acts as a slow-release fertilizer which boosts the long lasting effects.

N = 4.00%, P2O5 = 1.15%, K2O = 1.5%, S = 1%, Ca = 2.5%,
Mg = 0.75%, Fe = 0.05%, Mn = 170 ppm, Zn = 150 ppm,
Cu = 24ppm, B = 1.60ppm, Mo = 3.0ppm, Organic Matter = 10%.

Brand Name (Click any following Brand Name to view details) DAE Reg. No.

(For International Customer)

NASL Crop based Balanced Fertilizer

Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
HYV Rice & other global Oryza sp. fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Wheat & other Barley, Millet, Oat global small grain fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Potato & other sugar beet , Sweet potato, Yams, Oxalituberosa, Cassava global tuberous vegetables fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Mustard & other Sesame, Leenseed, Soybean, Sunflower, Safflower, Castor, Globe Artichoke global oil & protein seeds fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Maize & other Sorghum, Corn, Sweet corn global Zea mays Sp. fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Onion & other Chives, Leek, Shallot global bulb spices or vegetables fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Banana & other global tropical & sub-tropical fruits fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Cauliflower & other Broccoli global vegetables fertilizer)


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Garlic & other stem, True root, Corm, Rhizome, Carrot, Parsnips, Radish, Turnips, Ginseng, Ginger, Turmeric, Rutabaga, Taro global vegetables or spices fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Tomato & other Tomatillo global vegetables fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Cabbage & other leafy, salad Chinese cabbage, Cress, Brussels sprouts, Kale, Leaf parseley, Lettuce, Radicchio, Spinach, Amaranths, Celery, Coriander leaf, Collard greens, Endive, Kohlrabi, Rhubarb, Swiss chard global vegetables fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Chili & other Pepper, Bell pepper, Capsicum global spices fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Brinjal & other Aubergine, Orka, Eggplant global vegetables fertilizer.


Northern BF (Balanced Fertilizer)

Producing For
Water Melon & other Cucumber, Centaloupe, Pumpkin, Summer squash, Gourd, Bitter melon, Crenshaw Cucurbeateace global crops fertilizer.

NASL Mixed Fertilizer

Northern SHAKTI Sar

Producing For
Cotton, Tea, Rubber, Coffee, Jute, Ground nut, Green beans, Peas, Grams, Lentil, Betel nut, Betel leaf, Grapes, Kiwifruit, Apple Guava, Coconut, Litchi, Mango, Sapota, Apple, Peach, Pome granate, Date palms, Plum, Nectarine, Olive, Avocado, Cashew nut, Ranbutan, Cherry, Raspberry, Citrus, Orange (fruit), Jujube, Grape fruit, Flowers of all varieties global fertilizer.

NASL Organic Fertilizer

Northern Jaibo Sar (Organic Fertilizer)

Producing For
Tea, coffee, betel leaf, strawberry, apple, grapes (espalier trees), green house & plant nursery especially golf field, park, lawn grass, landscape, medicinal herbs and all kinds of field crops.

NASL Developed List of Fertilizer in TEA
NASL Compost Fertilizer

Northern Compost Sar (Organic Fertilizer

Producing For
All field crops in Bangladesh
NASL Micronutrient Fertilizer

Zinc Sulphate Hepta

NASL Graded NPKS Fertilizer
Northern NPKS Grade (8-20-14-5) HYV Rice M-98
Northern NPKS Grade (12-15-20-6) Wheat & Rabi crops M-99
Northern NPKS Grade (10-15-10-4) Sugarcane M-207
Northern NPKS Grade (12-16-22-6.5) Wheat & Rabi crops M-208
Northern NPKS Grade (10-24-17-6) HYV Rice M-209
NASL Importing Raw-Materials
SOP IMP-1620
DAP IMP-3158
MAP IMP-3238
4-CPA IMP-1619

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Rodenticide,Combination Pesticides,Store grain

and Public Heath Pesticides


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